Christian Lacroix

Eksklusive tørklæder fra modehuset Maison Christian Lacroix, Paris

De smukke og elegante tørklæder i silke og cashmere fra Lacroix er ikke blot små mesterværker hvad angår designet  - men også i kvalitet og farver. Hvert design har sin egen fortælling, som er angivet under produktet.

Tørklæderne er designet af Christian Lacroix, Paris, fremstillet i Italien med fokus på detaljer og kvalitet. Silketørklæderne har alle håndlavede kanter og er digitalt printede i mere end 20 nuancer.

Alle tørklæder er i naturmaterialer af allerhøjeste kvalitet (silke, cashmere og virgin wool) og holder sæson efter sæson. Der medfølger eksklusiv gaveæske til opbevaring af tørklædet. 

Scarves Collection

Let´s take a look at this very special collection, filled with extravagant adventures dreamt up by the Christian Lacroix Maison for the 2021 Scarves collection.

The story takes us to the very frontiers of the galaxies we know, as an astronomer with a poetic, artistic soul observes the farthest constellations, copying them down onto silk. The flowers he draws are like key elements in the formulae of a botanist, tirelessly collecting roses and peonies, passionflowers and cranberries. Could the key to eternal youth lie behind this molecular dance? Meanwhile, in a greenhouse of thousand-faceted colored glass, a lepidopterist interferes with nature, and, for a second, unexpected and sublime combine, in the beat of a thousand butterfly wings, whilst in the garden, in that same second, a princess manages at last to escape from her cold cage. As she wanders the garden paths, she imagines mythical beasts with liberating powers and the parties she would like to throw in their honour. Meanwhile, in the salon, in another space and time perhaps, an elegant beauty is queen of a flower-strewn ball. Behind the scenes, the models are already jostling for position. And on coats, dresses, suits and trousers, we catch a glimpse of a star or rose, a butterfly´s bold colours, or the outline of a chimera. And suddenly, on the catwalk, everything takes shape: it is the feeling - almost furtive- shape of inspiration. The shape that, from one season to the next, forms silken thread running through the adventures told by every scarf from Christian Lacroix Maison.

 Sacha Walckhoff, creative Director at Maison Christian Lacroix, Paris.